UltraShape is a non-surgical procedure that uses targeted ultrasound technology. It’s a fat-reduction treatment designed to eliminate fat cells in the abdominal area, Ideal candidates should be able to pinch at least an inch of fat in their midsection and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less. Exercising a few times, a week and sticking to a strict diet should eventually result in weight loss, but sculpting the body of your dreams can be a long and frustrating process. That is why so many patients have now turned to the innovative treatment known as UltraShape. During this procedure, we can destroy stubborn pockets of body fat with nothing more than pulses of ultrasonic energy. In a matter of weeks, your body is going to transform before your eyes as your fatty tissue melts away. If you are tired of ineffective diets and exercise plans, then you might want to take a closer look at UltraShape.

Understanding Stubborn Fat

Losing weight can be very complicated, and many people spend loads of time on ineffective weight loss supplements and gimmicky workout routines. Following a sensible diet and working out for at least a few hours every week will be great for your overall health, but you won’t be able to target specific pockets of fat. You could stay in a caloric deficit for months without seeing any changes to your midsection. Countless studies have revealed that targeting specific pockets of fat with certain foods or exercises is completely impossible. If you have hit a plateau in your weight loss journey, then you might be an ideal candidate for UltraShape.

Why UltraShape?

This FDA-approved treatment was specifically designed to melt away body fat that isn’t responding to dietary changes and exercise. Instead of physically removing the fat, this procedure triggers the body’s ability to naturally remove damaged cells. When fat cells are exposed to pulses of ultrasonic energy for a short period of time, they heat up to a very high temperature while the rest of the tissue remains unharmed. Over the course of a few minutes, those cells will slowly begin to disintegrate as their walls fall apart. In the weeks following the treatment, the body expels the cells through the lymphatic system.

It is generally recommended that patients schedule separate treatments over the course of a few months. After each appointment, you can immediately resume all normal activities. Most patients feel nothing more than gentle warmth emanating from the handheld device once the machine has been turned on, and the most common side effect is a harmless tingling sensation. That side effect should disappear within minutes, and you won’t have to follow any unusual aftercare instructions once the treatment is over.