IV Certification Course

IV Certification Program for Medical Assistants & Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel

Tailored for Medical Assistants and other Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP), this comprehensive 7-hour IV Therapy Certificate Program, commonly known as “IV Certification,” is meticulously crafted to give participants essential IV therapy skills. Aiming to enhance patient/client outcomes, ensure quality IV practice, and mitigate liability risks, the program encompasses a 4.5-hour video/slide presentation facilitated by Kay Coulter, CRNI, VA-BC. Additionally, participants gain access to a video demonstration showcasing live peripheral IV catheter insertion, a printable workbook, supplemental reading materials (expanding the course content by 2.5 hours), and post-tests following each chapter.

Course Overview:

  1. Understanding current standards and guidelines governing IV therapy administration.
  2. Proper utilization of infusion therapy equipment.
  3. Detailed examination of techniques for successful vein access and catheter insertion.
  4. Exploring negligence within the context of IV therapy practice in healthcare.
  5. Tailoring IV therapy delivery to pediatric and geriatric patients.
  6. Witnessing a live demonstration of peripheral IV catheter insertion via video.
  7. Identifying primary peripheral veins suitable for catheter insertion.
  8. Methods for accurate vein assessment.
  9. Approved techniques for skin preparation before IV catheter insertion.
  10. Procedural steps for IV catheter insertion.
  11. Administration considerations for IV fluids.

Upon completion of the course, hands-on assistance is available by contacting [email protected] or calling 303-404-0255 opt 1 for inquiries.

Our courses adhere to state requirements, acknowledging the imperative of medical insurance and adherence to clinic-specific guidelines. Participants can choose between two options:


  1. IV Therapy Courses for Nurses and Other Professionals (28 hours).
  2. IV Therapy Courses for Medical Assistants (32 hours).


Registration entails completing the “Sub Org” information and automatically enrolling students in the IV Certificate Program for Medical Assistants or IV Therapy Education for Nurses. Access to the program is granted for 6 months (or 186 days).

  1. Minimum 5 Mbps internet connection (preferably hard-wired).
  2. Desktop OS of Windows 10 or higher or the last two releases of Mac iOS.
  3. Up-to-date internet browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer).
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