Viora Body Contour in Broomfield, CO

Viora Body Contour

Viora Body Contour introduces a groundbreaking approach to skin tightening, body shaping, and diminishing cellulite. This sophisticated technique distinguishes itself by using Viora’s proprietary CORE™ & Multi-CORE™ Technologies, which blend various radio frequency channels with vacuum suction for a more dynamic and effective treatment than conventional methods reliant on a singular frequency. Specifically designed to target the fat layer, it encourages fat reduction through natural hydrolysis, making it particularly beneficial for sculpting the face and slimming body measurements. Moreover, the application of radiofrequency energy boosts microcirculation within the hypodermal layers, supporting fat breakdown while promoting the rejuvenation of connective tissues. This comprehensive approach tightens the skin and sculpts a more defined body silhouette. In addition to these benefits, Viora Body Contour integrates PiXel8, a cutting-edge face and body RF microneedling system designed to enhance skin firmness and texture further. This addition amplifies the treatment’s effectiveness in skin rejuvenation and contour precision.

Available at The Natural Place Medspa in Broomfield, CO, Viora Body Contour presents a compelling non-surgical alternative for body reshaping. It is adaptable to various body parts and renowned for delivering consistent, enduring outcomes. Improvements are often noticeable soon after the session, with progressive enhancement. Book an appointment at The Natural Place Medspa in Broomfield, CO, today.

Benefits of Viora Body Contour:

  • A non-invasive method for body and face reshaping
  • Significant reduction of cellulite
  • Skin tightening and enhanced texture
  • Durable and consistent results
  • Minimal discomfort and no pain
  • Quick sessions with immediate return to daily activities
  • Applicable across diverse body regions
  • Boosts blood circulation at the micro level
  • Facilitates natural fat breakdown
  • Incorporates Pixel 8 for advanced skin firming and texture improvement


Those looking for a non-surgical body and skin refinement option are perfect candidates.
Immediate results are typical, with further improvements developing over time.
With a balanced diet and regular skincare, results can be long-term.

 Patients can expect minimal downtime, with few and minor side effects, if any.

Staying hydrated, limiting sun exposure, and avoiding irritating skincare products before and after treatment are essential. Following the procedure, continue with good hydration and sun avoidance, and adhere to any specific care instructions from your provider. Exercise and eating a healthy diet can enhance and extend the benefits.

The procedure is comfortable and typically described as a warm sensation on the treated area.

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