IV Therapy in Broomfield, CO

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a revitalizing treatment method that administers essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream via an intravenous drip. This therapy is meticulously crafted to cater to individual needs, addressing various health concerns and optimizing wellness. It bypasses the digestive system, ensuring maximum absorption—up to 90%—of vital nutrients that might otherwise be lost through oral intake. IV Therapy covers a broad spectrum of benefits, enhancing immune health, energy levels, and mental clarity and alleviating symptoms related to depression, anxiety, migraines, asthma, and skin issues.

This treatment suits individuals seeking immediate hydration, athletes aiming to enhance performance, those experiencing nutrient deficiencies, or individuals desiring overall wellness improvement. Results are often noticeable shortly after the session, providing an immediate boost in energy and mental clarity. While individual experiences may vary, the effects of IV Therapy typically last for several days, making it an ideal recurring treatment for sustained benefits. Take a step towards better health and vitality by booking an appointment at The Natural Place MedSpa in Broomfield, CO, and discover the rejuvenating benefits of IV Therapy.

IV Drips

We can also add some options to maximize your drip experience. (Vit C , B12 , B Complex & Glutathione)

Fountain of Youth

Rejuvenate your body with essential vitamins and antioxidants to promote youthful vitality and healthy aging.

Natural Defense

Strengthen your immune system with a specialized combination of nutrients like vitamin C and zinc, bolstering your body’s natural defenses against illnesses.

Rise & Shine

Kickstart your day with a revitalizing infusion that boosts energy levels, enhances mental clarity, and promotes overall wellness for a productive day ahead.

The Executive

Tailored for busy lifestyles, this drip focuses on combating stress, replenishing energy, and improving mental focus, ideal for high-performance professionals.


Detoxify and enhance your body’s natural processes with this antioxidant-focused drip, known for its potential to brighten skin, improve liver function, and boost overall health.

Lipo Mino

Designed to support weight management efforts by combining lipotropic agents, amino acids, and vitamins that aid in fat metabolism and energy production.

Mic Booster Shot

A quick and effective booster providing essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to revitalize your body’s nutrient levels.

Lipo Stat Plus SF

Support your weight loss journey with a combination of nutrients that promote fat metabolism and aid in achieving your fitness goals.

Diet & Detox

Cleanse and rejuvenate your system with a blend of nutrients that assist in detoxification and support healthy dietary goals.

Aches & Pains

Alleviate discomfort and promote relief from aches and pains through a targeted blend of nutrients to ease discomfort and support recovery.

Athletic Performance

Enhance your athletic performance with a specialized infusion that provides energy, promotes recovery, and supports endurance.

Mood Support

Elevate your mood and mental well-being with nutrients to promote a positive mental state and emotional balance.

Libido Enhancer

Boost vitality and improve intimate wellness with a customized blend of nutrients designed to enhance libido and overall sexual health.


Rehydrate your body efficiently with a blend of electrolytes and fluids, providing instant relief from dehydration-related symptoms.


Replenish your energy levels with vitamins and nutrients, invigorating your body for an immediate energy boost.


Speed up recovery post-exercise or illness with a blend of nutrients that aids in replenishing energy and promoting faster healing.


Enhance your beauty routine with vitamins and antioxidants that promote healthy skin and hair, providing a radiant glow.

Amino Acids

 Quickly deliver essential nutrients to those with dietary restrictions or absorption issues, supporting recovery and health.

Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Guaranteed vitamin absorption
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Immediate rehydration
  • Customized treatments
  • Reduced reliance on pills
  • Ideal preventive therapy
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Support for athletes
  • Detoxification from environmental toxins
  • Improved immune system function


IV Therapy suits individuals seeking improved wellness, athletes, those with nutrient deficiencies, and those needing immediate hydration. IV therapy may also benefit individuals with chronic illnesses or those who are recovering from surgery.

You will often notice the results shortly after the session. However, it is essential to note that the timing of results may vary depending on the specific situation and the type of session.

The effects of the treatment usually last for a few days, and the duration may vary depending on the individual.

There is minimal to no downtime after the procedure, and any possible side effects are rare and generally mild.

Before the treatment, it is recommended to drink water, and it is essential to stay hydrated afterward.

A customized IV drip administers essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, providing immediate benefits. The treatment typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your specific drip.

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