Mesotherapy or regional intradermal therapy consists of intradermal or subcutaneous injections During this procedure, you receive a series of injections in the area(s) with cellulite. Different substances are injected into the area, including caffeine, & enzymes, and herbal extracts. not exceeding 12 injections to site. Follow Up in 21 days and after 3 visits 28 day follow up recommended.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the administration of substances that are only injected locally. The amount of medication is very small and is administered through the use of super-fine, short needles which allow for micro-injections throughout the area to be treated. The pharmacological action is maintained thanks to the repeated administration.

Do the substances used in mesotherapy cause intolerance and allergies?

The medications that are used for mesotherapy are the same as those that are normally used systemically; it is therefore the doctor’s responsibility, with a careful medical history, to evaluate whether there are grounds for a potential allergy.

 In the treatment of cellulite, mesotherapy should in principle act on:

  • Improved circulation with a draining and detoxifying effect
  • Firming the skin by stimulating the normal physiological production of collagen and elastin,

improving the appearance of “orange peel” skin

  • Fat reduction when present

Which parts of the body can be treated with mesotherapy for cellulite?

Areas that can be treated with mesotherapy include:

  • The upper and lower abdomen
  • The hips
  • The outer thighs (“saddlebags”)
  • The thighs
  • The knees
  • The arms

A course of treatment of around 3 sessions every 21 days is required, along with any necessary monthly maintenance sessions If necessary and dietary changes don’t occur.

Mesotherapy for cellulite: is it painful? What are the side effects?

  • Mesotherapy is mildly uncomfortable
  • You may sometimes feel a slight burning sensation (depending on the medication)
  • Some bruising or bleeding

When do you see the results of mesotherapy?

Depending on the type of cellulite, on average, you start to see an improvement after 3 to 5 sessions.

How long does the effect of mesotherapy for cellulite last?

The results last if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, with proper nutrition and physical activity, otherwise they may be canceled out. Cellulite must be considered a disease to be kept under constant control.

Who is a good candidate for mesotherapy for cellulite?

The best candidates for mesotherapy are:

  • Those with localized fat deposits
  • Those with cellulite in the early stages
  • Those who combine diet and exercise