This service is also available at our second location on Mondays by appointment.

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PRP Hair Restoration

Does PRP for hair loss work?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP therapy has become very popular as an effective treatment for hair loss.  It works because PRP has close to five times the number of platelets found in normal blood.  These platelets have a number of growth factors that when injected into the scalp stimulates hair growth by encouraging the rejuvenation of follicles and extending the growth cycle of the hair.  Many patients have seen much success from PRP injections for hair loss.

What does PRP hair injections treat?

PRP injections for hair restoration are commonly used in both men and women.  Patients who receive PRP therapy during the early stages of hair loss tend to see the best results.  Anyone experiencing any form of hair loss is essentially a good candidate for PRP injections.  Contact a medical professional to see if platelet-rich plasma injections are right for you.

What are the benefits for PRP hair restoration?

  • Thinning Hair
  • Bald Spots
  • Hair Shedding
  • Patches
  • Widening parts
  • Receding hairline
  • Alopecia

This service is also available at our second location on Mondays by appointment.

Address: 11975 Main St. Broomfield, CO 80020

PRP Face, Hands, Chest, Hands Procedures

Chest & Neck Rejuvenation

The Integrity PRP Kit can also be used for skin rejuvenation on all areas of the body including the chest and neck. Medical practices are now offering PRP injections, micro channeling, and microneedling with PRP to maximize their patients results during their neck and chest rejuvenation treatments.

Platelet rich plasma contains a high concentration of cytokines and growth factors and can be used to treat wrinkles, sun damage, scars, burns, acne and other skin conditions for chest and neck rejuvenation.Hand Rejuvenation with PRP

Your hands tell a story. They can tell how old you are, what type of work you do, how active you are and more. Many medical professionals have begun offering PRP injections for hand rejuvenation to help their clients narrate their own story. Platelet rich plasma for hand rejuvenation can be used as a stand alone procedure or mixed with fillers depending on your clients desired results.

What does PRP for hand rejuvenation treat?

  • Loss of volume in hands
  • Wrinkles
  • Age or liver spots
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and Arthritis
  • Visibility of blood vessels
  • Skin Texture and Appearance

This service is also available at our second location on Mondays by appointment.

Address: 11975 Main St. Broomfield, CO 80020

PRP Facial Injections

A PRP facial Injections are localized in the client’s current concerned areas to turn back the clock  or if paired with a laser prior to service otherwise known as a “PRP blood facial” is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to make your face look healthier and more youthful. This procedure uses platelet-rich plasma to exploit your skin’s natural rejuvenation process. PRP facials can be administered using a PRP Kit and when used with a combination of a laser it  increases microchanneling effects by use of microneedling or laser device and or injection.

What are the PRP Facial Benefits?

  • Minimize acne scars
  • Treat crow’s feet
  • Enhance skin tone, texture, and quality
  • Reduce fine lines and blemishes
  • Replace volume loss and increases collagen


The Healing Power of Red Laser Light

Different wavelengths of light have different effects on human tissue and can reach down to different depths. Hair follicles most efficiently absorb coherent laser light at a wavelength of 650 nanometers (nm), which is in the red color spectrum. Red Laser Light has been clinically proven to have a healing effect on human tissue and hair follicles. The Sunetics proprietary laser diodes use the power of red laser light at an optimized wavelength of 650 nm, the ideal wavelength for clinical strength hair rejuvenation.

How Sunetics Grows Hair
The Science behind the Sunetics Hair Growth Laser is simple: Laser Light Heals the Follicle.

Studies show that low level laser therapy is able to:

  • Increase the production of ATP to energize & repair the weakened follicle
  • Increase blood microcirculation to the follicle
  • Increase the nutrient acquisition by the follicle
  • Increase oxygen uptake and calcium ion mobilization
  • Increase the rate of removal of harmful DHT
  • Decrease follicular inflammation

The Sunetics Laser Diodes feature an open beam that spreads the laser energy across a larger surface area, allowing for maximum coverage, while maintaining high energy levels and penetrating the skin to reach the hair follicle 4mm below.