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Pre- NON-LASER TX’s– No Lotions on ares to be treated, no recent sun exposure and or tanning creams of any kind, back of antibiotics 3 days prior, back off retinal and harsh chemicals,

Electrology (2-4 weeks)– Removal of Gray hair only, Leave Hair Follicle and no harsh chemicals, lotions, topical on area site. Electrolysis treatments are a form of electrical epilation where a wire filament is inserted into the hair follicle and a minimal amount of current is delivered to the root of hair to destroy it through a variety of modalities. All modalities will treat only the offending hair follicle, making this a non-invasive and more direct route to target unwanted hair.

Galvanic Electrolysis – Galvanic electrolysis is the oldest type form of hair removal. The direct current used extremely effective but very slow. It creates a chemical change in the follicle to disable the root.

Thermolysis Electrolysis– Thermolysis uses shortwave radio frequency or AC current. Thermolysis causes the water molecules by your hair rapidly vibrate, which produces heat. When enough heat is created, thermolysis damage the cells that cause hair growth. Blend Electrolysis – True to its name, blend combines both galvanic and thermolysis in one treatment. If one type of electrolysis doesn’t kill your unwanted hair the other will.

What to Expect

Our hair is constantly changing from a number of factors that make us who we are, it’s in our DNA. It is this diversity that makes proper hair removal through electrolysis a process. As our body reacts to different situations such as hormones, medications, weight and even our genes, our hair growth pattern changes and may activate dormant hair follicles.

The complex nature of hair growth controls the number of sessions required to reach your personal preference of hair removal. Generally, electrolysis is typically noticeable within 3 months and can take up to 12 months for complete and permanent results.

We offer sessions from 15 minutes to an hour and recommend a bi -weekly schedule so we make treat the follicle right when it emerges and at its optimal time for reaction. Our goal is to see this process though to ensure complete satisfaction. Each individual has a different tolerance level, and that is taken into account.

Modern electrolysis methods can be described as causing a tingling or burning sensation, but is considered to be comfortably tolerable. Topical desensitizing creams can be applied to help ease the sensation. After your treatment, it is common to experience redness or smelling, both of which are usually short lived. These are both natural reactions from the stimulus applied the follicle and can be eased with the use of an ice pack and witch hazel.

In order to prevent any additional reaction, it is critical that you inform us of any medical conditions, medication, supplements, lotions and oils.

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