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IV Certificate Program for Medical Assistants & Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel:

This 7-hour IV Therapy Certificate Program (often referred to as “IV Certification”) was specifically designed to provide Medical Assistants and other Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) with IV therapy instruction proven to achieve quality IV practice, improve patient/client outcomes and prevent liability risks.  It is comprised of a 4.5-hour video/slide presentation given by Kay Coulter, CRNI, VA-BC, a video of a live peripheral IV catheter insertion demonstration, a printable workbook and supplemental reading (that provides an additional 2.5-hours of course material), and a posttest following each chapter.

Course Content:

  • Current standards and guidelines that apply to the delivery of IV therapy
  • Correct use of infusion therapy equipment
  • In-depth review of tips for successful vein access and catheter insertion
  • Negligence and how it relates to IV therapy practice in healthcare
  • Special considerations for IV therapy delivery to pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Video presentation of a live peripheral IV catheter insertion
  • Identification of the main peripheral veins available for the insertion of a peripheral IV catheter
  • Methods of proper vein assessment
  • Accepted methods to prepare the skin prior to IV catheter insertion
  • Proper IV catheter insertion procedural steps
  • IV fluids and considerations for administration