Bridget Hahn, Licensed & Certified Paramedical Aesthetician & Laser Tech, Anti-Aging Medicine Pre -Cert & Osteopathic Pre- Cert, Iridologist, Sclerotherapy

Certifications: Licensed Paramedical & Injectables Certification
Specialties: Customizable Protocols that improve & maintain skin health.
Tenure: Bridget has provided clients with her professional services for 18 years, creating dedicated natural but effective approach aesthetically, and now more than ever, her steadfast vision aims for the a natural “Fountain of Youth” her clients deserve. Being very thorough and particular in all she does, Bridget’s love for her work indeed comes shining through. Her beautiful inner spirit and her caring compassion for others are evident and are in everything that she undertakes.

Shelby Kelley, National Certified Laser Tech

Specialties: Customizable Protocols that improve & maintain skin health performed by Laser
Tenure: Shelby has completed her National laser certification and sets a standard that defines what it means to be a professional. Her Certification and her dedication to progressing in medical laser aesthetics, she has dedicated 5 years and continues to provide exceptional service and standards to our practice. She has always has been willing to “go the extra mile” and has brought realistic methods while increasing her knowledge and skill against the norms.

About Dr. Aubrey Copeland

Dr. Copeland is the Medical Director of The Natural Place, in addition, he is the Medical Director at the Rocky Mountain Laser College and other medical spas around the Denver metro area. He is a board-certified Anesthesiologist. He went to medical school at the Queens University of Belfast Medical School in Ireland and completed his residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver. He loves his family and enjoys the opera, music, theater, art, movies, books, travel, cruises, walking, golf, good food, good cars and a good joke.

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