ZYTO Compass Health Scan

Ever struggled to know what your body prefers to meet your health and wellness goals? With the Compass, this information is no longer a mystery. Join those who have used the Compass to make better choices and reach their personal goals!

The ZYTO Compass Health Scan measures your Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) reading.

The Zyto Compass surveys EXACTLY which biological preference your body needs and creates a printout of the supplement essential to keeping your body congruent and performing energetic.

Those areas are then targeted by using the appropriate essential oils or supplements that your body needs to bring you back into balance. This unique technique empowers you to determine the best solutions that will have the most positive impact on your wellness in the least amount of time.

*The ZYTO Compass Health Scan is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose disease.

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