Leg Vein Treatment

Each year millions of women and men seek treatment for unsightly spider veins and painful varicose veins.

Spider Veins, or telangiectasias, are those small red, blue or purple blood vessels found most commonly on the thighs or lower legs.

Varicose Veins are usually larger than 1/4 inch in diameter and may appear raised with a bluish color. They can also be related to more serious vein disorders and require a careful evaluation by your dermatologist prior to treatment.

IPL Leg Vein Therapy

Today’s new pulsed light sources provide safe and effective, non-surgical treatment options for the removal of spider veins. Our advanced IPL leg vein treatments allow us to deliver a precise dosage of energy to each vein, with minimal risk to the skin. During your treatment, light energy is delivered through a special hand-piece with filters to the targeted vein, in a series of short and/or long pulses. The light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels. This heat absorption causes a thermocoagulation (clogging) of the blood vessel, and a gradual absorption by the body.

Will IPL Leg Vein Therapy work on my veins?

Prior to treatment our physician will review your medical history to determine how long you have had a problem with your veins and the severity of the problem. We need to determine your skin type and if there has been any prior surgery or treatment on your veins. We will test to determine if there is any underlying venous abnormality. If there appears to be an underlying abnormality, further testing may be advised prior to your light therapy.

What are IPL Leg Vein treatments like?

First we identify the veins to be treated. The larger veins are usually treated first. Using a delicate hand-piece fitted with special filters, we apply intense pulsed light energy to the vein. Light therapy targets the blood pigments, causing the blood within the vein to coagulate and close down the vein. Most light therapy patients report little, if any, discomfort. Some experience a transient, mild burning sensation when we pulse the light source.

How many IPL Leg Vein treatments will I need?

Significant improvement is realized in most cases with one or two treatments. The potential for maximum long-term resolution increases after an additional one or two treatments. However, new veins may occur and additional treatments are generally required for optimum results. These treatments may be in three to four week intervals.

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