Breast Enhancement by Cupping / Stimulation

A problem all women face is the fact that unless you have lots of time and money for plastic surgery, your breast tissue is going to start sagging at some point, and we all know its straight downhill from there onwards. If you have had children, the degeneration of your once perky breasts happens so much faster.

Breast tissue is very sensitive, so you shouldn’t overwork it and definitely avoid the nipple area. The treatment is for the skin which is what keeps the bust lifted and for lymphatic drainage. You can use the soft Body cup in the fish bite movement, where you would squeeze and release, moving very slowly towards the lymph nodes under the arms. The benefits we want to achieve is to tighten the skin, therefore, we should not move too fast, but rather slow to stimulate collagen production.

The results:

  • Water retention underneath the bra line is eliminated
  • Tighter and firmer skin
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Decreased breast sensitivity
  • Vibration massage: Accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, give exercise to muscle and relax the muscle.
  • Breast care: Stimulated tissue growth, concentration, and accumulation of fat.
  • Promote lymph drainage, reform skin, improve micro-circulation, enhance elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist wrinkles, rejuvenate muscle by stimulation.
  • Circulation by breast tissue: blood vessels, capillaries, lymphatic. Speed up fatty acid transformation naturally.

Cupping / Stimulation is to stimulate deep blood circulation underneath the skin of your breast. It will stimulate nerves inside your breasts that are essential receptors for estrogen. This opens up blood flow throughout your entire breast, promoting natural growth. Massaging your breasts is not only for stimulation but also for the overall health of the breast tissue. Using massages to increase blood flow and stimulate nerves in your chest can also have more important reasons.

The massage techniques can allow for lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system inside your body is essentially a network of vessels that are responsible for carrying fluids and toxins away from healthy cells. This same system also helps cells when they are fighting off germs or viruses. A Lymphatic Drainage is a holistic approach to clearing these vessels of all toxins, and your cupping is the perfect system to achieve this.

A healthy lymphatic system means a healthy breast. This massage can also help in the fight against keeping your cells healthy and removing any cellular byproducts that may cause havoc when left alone.

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